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Kinse: 15 films for your unused human rights

There’s something incredibly liberating about independent films. As a viewer alone, I feel extra informed of what’s really happening beyond the typical and the not-so-typical lives of the Filipinos (Hi, Christopher Lao!). It’s like being bitch-slapped in the face and liking it. You’ll like it so much, you’ll want to get bitch-slapped over and over.

Bitch-slapping aside and wondering when I’ll finally see this year’s Cinemalaya entries, Kinse, an ANC anniversary special was shown after an episode of Gandang Gabi, Vice last night. I was about hit the sack but I found the elegant Angel Aquino’s stripping off clothes a bit curious so I stayed up a little longer. Each article of clothing removed revealed a badly inflicted bruise, tapping on the idea that she may be a battered wife. True enough, Kinse features a collection of human rights-themed short films directed by 15 of the country’s finest filmmakers.

Erik Matti Nang Tumambad ang Hubad na Katotohan Right to live freely
Ato Bautista Pilay Freedom from violence
Richard Somes 1942 Children’s rights
Ray Gibraltar Manilyn’s Dress and the Peking Duck Indigenous rights
Auraeus Solito Indigenous Pelikula Indigenous rights
Mark Meily Kaninong Boses Freedom of speech
Paolo Villaluna Intolerance Gay rights
Raymond Red Bangin Labor rights
Jon Red Absent Children’s rights
Raymund Amonoy Liham Para Kay Marlo Women’s rights
Kiri Dalena Memorial for Filipino Journalists Press freedom
Kidlat de Guia ANC 19 Indigenous rights
Nico Puertollano Labinlima Women’s rights
Carlos Siguon Reyna Choices Women’s rights

Jim Libiran

Batch 2011

Right to information

My top picks from the bunch are Nang Tumambad ang Hubad na Katotohan, Pilay, and Absent. I can’t find video snippets of the films but here’s Nang Tumambad starring Anne Curtis as the pornstar wannabe and Gina Alajar and Rez Cortez as the disapproving parents:

Just a tiny glitch, though: Curtis’s Tagalog enunciation was a bit off. A few conyo accents were flicked all over the place, giving away her poor, kanto-girl character. But hey, I love Anne Curtis as it is so I’ll let that one slip. 😛


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Gorgeous, sexy, and deadly

Mermaids. Lots of mermaids. Johnny Depp. A budding mermaid-human relationship. Those are basically why I tolerated and sat through Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.

I’m not a fan of the Pirates  series but I find Johnny Depp amusing and funny. He’s like a gay pirate, but wittier and manlier (Did I just made sense here?). Anyway, back to mermaids!

Call me a kid but am I the only one who swooned over the Syrena (Astrid Berges-Frisbey) and Philip (Sam Claflin) tandem? Nakakakilig! I want to buy the DVD once it’s out and then replay their scenes over and over. Or I could just download it or something. Duh.

When I think of mermaids, I think of Ariel of The Little Mermaid; sweet, innocent, and playful. And then Peter Pan in 2003 (featuring Jeremy Sumpter) portrayed them as monsters with really bad teeth.

Click the Syrena’s abs to enlarge the photo

To see full picture, click Syrena’s nose

Okay, I’m rambling. I ramble and become incoherent when I’m in awe. So, just go ahead and check the video. It’s not in HQ, though. It’s one of the few scenes I vividly remember.

This particular scene is so eerie and enchanting at the same time, that I got goosebumps all over! I’ve had My Jolly Sailor Bold reverberating in my head for days now. Syet!

How about you? Have you seen Pirates 4? How was it?

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I'm about to find out who Salt is

My Thank You blog has won me free tickets for tomorrow’s Salt special advanced screening. As promised, I will be taking two of my closest friends with me to see Angelina Jolie and her famous pouted lips.

I am ecstatic! This is the second time I have won anything through blogging (Will post the first blog winning soon. Sorry!). Not only that, I get to take people with me. Sweet!

If you’re wondering how I scored them tickets, Nuffnang Philippines recently held a promo which required members to post something about a particular ice cream brand and post the blog URL in the Comments section of the site. First 70 valid comments get three tickets each. I’m commenter #27.

Since my Thank You blog is a registered member of Nuffnang and I was raring to take two close people with me for a free movie date, I promptly posted the mandatory blog entry with high hopes. It was also my official thank you post for the day.

One day later, an e-mail confirmation was sent to me:

Nuffnang, you gave us something to look forward to tomorrow night. Thanks!

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