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4 things that’ll be missed

I get distracted easily. Too easy for my liking, actually. I may appear poker-faced and passive on the surface but heck, the slightest clink of a spoon in a colleague’s coffee mug is enough to snap me out of my uh, creative focus. Thankfully, a move to another office building and a couple of months back helped me tone down my mild case of ADHD. I suddenly was raring to come to work and get my writing oiled in the hinges.

But the fun was short-lived. Just last week, my colleagues and I were subjected AGAIN to move our stuff onto the 5th floor. I grimaced as I inspected the unoccupied floor space; Right then and there, I knew my “problem” would worsen. It looked like a cramped classroom that was about to be filled with rowdy, rambunctious kids. I heaved a sigh and wished my copywriting skills good luck.

I long for my work desk at the 3rd floor as I type this. Allow me to list down in pictures why I’m feeling such longing:

1. Window seat. Gazing at a portion of Makati outside always calms my hyperactive thoughts.

2. Yellow lighting. Everything’s in faint sepia when the lights are on.

3. Spacious leg room. Perfect for the wa-poise, upong-bahay positions.

4. Roomy desk. I have a LOT of office paraphernalia yet they all sit nicely and uncluttered.

Not a lot of people understand the woes of a writer. You have to live and breathe writing to comprehend why wordsmiths tend to look for a comfortable spot so they can string coherent sentences—especially for those like me who have deadlines to beat on a five-day work week. We’re maarte like that.

If you’re a writer reading this, I am toasting my steaming mug of Swiss Miss to us. We’ll have our day someday.


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Day 7 – A picture of someone that has the biggest impact on me

This one’s easy; If there is one person who helped me improve tremendously as a person, it’s the person you see below.

Photography is one of her many strong points

Other college professors teach because it’s “their job” to do so. The heart and passion isn’t there. Some wouldn’t even give a rat’s piss if their students learn or not. I even had this Chemistry professor who sold polvoron to us students in exchange of a ten-point additional to our final grade. Pathetic.

But this particular professor you see above surpasses the standards of teaching. I’m not saying she is the best-est of the best-est but you get my point. She has this teaching style that makes you sit up and listen not because you’re scared of her, but because she has something interesting and significant to say.

To her, grades are mere numbers that do not define a student’s intellect and potential. What’s important is that her students actually learn, understand, and remember the lessons even after the semester ends.

She is gentle, comical, and animated in and out of the classroom yet manages to draw a fine line when needed. Her humility regarding her brilliance is overwhelming. No other professor I know has that kind of power and influence on students.

I’m not saying this person dramatically changed my life. I did what a rational person would do to make things right about my life. I had choice, like everybody else, to listen and adapt her teachings. I chose to be a better Christian. I chose to be encouraged by her to think, question, and ponder the things that are happening around me. I chose to be inspired by her to be a better individual.

To me, she is more than a former college professor who taught the required subjects I had to complete. This is life we are talking about.  It’s been two years since I graduated from college but she’s still–and will always remain–my life mentor.

And that, my dear readers, is the kind of impact I desperately wish students would have with their teachers before they graduate.

Thank you, Ma’m Jen for the help. Maraming, maraming salamat po.

(Wondering what the 30-day Blog Challenge is? Click here.)


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My favorite twins are back!

Hullo, Sweet Valley babies! I have great news for you: The Wakefield twins will grace the bookshelves next year after hundreds of decades. I have been a Sweet Valley series fan ever since I first picked up and read Jessica + Jessica = Trouble at the age of 9 so my reaction will be quite banal: Ecstatic.

I grew up reading about their lives as children..


Teenagers with raging hormones..

To college undergrads.

Thanks to my cousin’s vast collection of Sweet Valley series, I have followed Jessica and Elizabeth’s lives from being seven-year-olds to nineteens. I’m an Elizabeth at heart, by the way.

Sneak peek

Sweet Valley Confidential: Ten Years Later is, I think, a far cry from the usual teeny-bopper-ish temperature compared to the older editions. The twins are in their late twenties here, after all. It’s possible that the tone would be serious, more adult-like.

Many of you would mock or scoff due to its shallow nature of the stories but these books fueled my intense love for reading, writing, and anything related to English literature. It’s also my little guilty pleasure. So thank you, Francine Pascal. Your work might not be as deep as any Sidney Sheldon or Paulo Coelho in the world but you will remain as one of my favorite authors of all time.

Anyway, if you want to read the sneak preview of the book, drop me a line at the Comments section and I’ll send you the first chapter (in PDF format) via e-mail.

And then, we wait until March 2011. Timer starts now.


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An episode of The List of Channel V last night was mirthfully nostalgic. I cannot remember the two hosts name but they were a couple of straight guys, giving their two cents about former western and Asian boy bands that dominated the sound waves a decade or two ago. They dissed almost all of the discussed gay, err, I mean, then-young male groups that once made us, ladies, worship them at some time of our lives.

I remember how I used to go into crazy hysterics whenever I saw Mark Feehily or Justin Timberlake on TV or any music channel. The Internet was not yet present then to gratify my fanatical cravings so I consoled myself in doing the following: bought their records (Original. On tape or CD.), made a scrapbook/collage of the band’s newspaper and magazine clippings, kept a picture of them in my wallet, screamed every time their music video was played, screamed again when their song was played on the radio, cried whenever they were linked to other women, and declared my undying love for them to every person I know.

And then I grew up. I stopped looking at them like they were Greek gods of Sexiness and Appeal. Now, I see them as not more than a bunch of phonies that make me feel sorry for them for trying to project a masculine image when inside of them, they were begging to get out their closets.

But those moves—those synchronized choreographed moves, the matching colored outfits, and the cutesy mannerisms they sport when the camera focuses on them—made us fall on our knees and asked them to marry us.

Here are the top five boy bands that I am embarrassingly admitting that I was mad about before:

  • N’SYNC – My friend in high school was madly in love with Lance Bass before. She even had her notebooks signed with a changed surname. I wonder what she felt when Bass declared his love for the same sex and quietly faded away in the background like the other band members. Justin Timberlake, on the other hand, is by far, has the most successful career to this day. Good switch from pop to hip hop and Rnb, bud.
  • BACKSTREET BOYS – They recently had a concert here in Manila and I regretted not coming. I regretted it not because I was still a fan, but I wanted to re-live their popular songs and get down to the ‘ol memory lane. I Want It That Way is a very memorable song for me; my grade school classmates and I performed a dance number in 6th grade and I can still remember some of the dance moves, actually.
  • WESTLIFE – If I found out that Mark Feehily was gay at the height of my adoration for him, I’d probably lock myself up in my room for a week. Their video, Uptown Girl, was my ultimate favorite. They couldn’t dance, though. Minus points for them in the boy band game.
  • 98 DEGREES – Nick Lachey, it was wrong to marry Jessica Simpson. You were obviously wrong for each other. You, two, proved us right when you cannibalized your own marriage in Newlyweds. But you know what’s right? You’re song, The Hardest Thing. It still rocks up to this moment.
  • F4Meteor Garden was a huge, huge hit here in the Philippines. The foursome shot straight up the music charts, all thanks to their perfectly coifed hair and pore less faces. Never mind the under-acting and lack of singing ability—they were the bomb! Personally, I only liked Vic Zhou. I can’t remember why, though.

There ya have it, folks! My top five bands that formerly made me swoon at every note they sang. Now it’s your turn to ‘fess up.

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