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Photography 101 with Jeff Chua

Who is Jeff Chua, you ask? I haven’t got an iota of an idea. But what I do know is that he’s set to hold free basic photography lessons this weekend afternoon at Powerbooks Greenbelt, Makati–my most favorite place in that mall!

Many thanks to my good friend, Luis Sendon for informing me about this event! Click on the photo for more details.

Naturally, I Googled about this Jeff Chua person. Apparently, “he successfully led hundreds of students to love and pursue photography as a hobby and even as a profession with his ‘creative photography seminars’. Currently, he is the resident photography teacher of Informatics and has dedicated his time designing programs to suit the needs of different photographers.

Under him are several awards such as San Miguel 2005 Photo Contest and awards from Camera Club of the Philippines. His works have been featured in magazines and exhibited in different galleries in Manila, including the Ayala museum.”

Hmm. Quite impressive credentials, eh?

Unless something really, really important comes up that day, there’s no reason why I should miss this event. I’ll be tagging my father along, too since he’s also into photography.

And did I mention registration is free? Plus, participants will get a 10% discount voucher valid for a month on all Powerbooks branches. Su-weet!

The best things in life are indeed free, people. Let us do this!



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Battle against the pedals

This is embarrassing; but I’m going to show you a video of me during one of my Saturday driving lessons. Please do not laugh. If not for my fabulous video editor friend, Gervic, for adding in some “effects,” I wouldn’t think twice of deleting this proof of foolishness.

I have new found respect for people who drive every day, especially to those who spend most of their days in front of a steering wheel. I am mistaken when I thought that driving a car was as easy as maneuvering one of those neat Ariens lawn mowers—it’s beyond challenging! My hands were clammy and I seem to forget how to relax throughout the lesson. I swear the instructor was straining the urge to strangle me.

“Just listen to my instructions!” The instructor commands. “Now, slowly release the clutch…” I step on the brakes instead. Engine dies.

Maybe I’m better off getting around Manila using a Zero Turn Zoom 34 or MaxZoom2552, don’t you think? My relationship with the gas pedal and clutch is rocky—I can’t seem to find the right “mix.” It simply refuses to be tamed.

I have three more Saturdays to go. Pedals, behave. Please.

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