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Meeting OpenRicers over Cheesesteaks, Burgers, and Drinks

Backposting: One of the hardest caveats when writing about an event that happened ages ago. This post, together with my other pending entries, has been sitting in my draft queue for more than a month now. Boo!

Anyhoots, today’s story is about my accidental experience on meeting ‘OpenRicers’ or the people behind the online dining guide, OpenRice. My blogger friend, Fedhz, sent me an SMS inviting me to this food event at Cheesesteaks, Burers, & Drinks (CBD) along Ayala Triangle Gardens in Makati City. Since I didn’t have any plans for that night, I readily agreed. Besides, who can say no to free good food?

Now, I’ve been to several blog events before–fashion- and beauty-related, to be exact—and I’ve always had this feeling of detachment during such gatherings. But this Eat’s A Date event last September 29, 2011 was different. Everyone was all warm, friendly, and chatty! I was instantly put at ease. It was an intimate affair, kind of like a huge barkada dinner because we just occupied one side of the room.

Because I came unprepared, I didn’t have my camera with me. It’s a good thing Fedhz brought hers. I was very impressed with her digital camera, by the way. It took really sharp images, almost DSLR-like. I kept raving about it. Thanks for letting me use it, dear!

Drinks were served first. This was Fedhz’s cappucino, I think.

Appetizers were next. We had onion rings, potato wedges, and twisted fries.

We were asked to jot down what we wanted off the menu. Check out my cheesesteak sandwich. Doesn’t it look sinful??

Others went for the rice variety. Everyone had such a trip trying out each other’s picks! So fun! Remember when your elementary teacher would say, “Pass your papers counter-clockwise”? It was a similar scenario only this time, food was passed on.

By the time dessert came, I was already too full to take another bite. I didn’t try them out but the pastries looked yummy, nevertheless!

Essel taking photos with his Nikon.

These are Shake and Bakes. You should try it, it’ll make you insane! I especially loved the blueberry flavor.

Met chef consultant, Chiloy Santos. Such an inspiring, down-to-earth guy. We talked about his passion for cooking and how he came up with CBD’s food lineup. His family are part-owners of Tender Bobs Group, as well as Meat Plus (MP) at Subic. I think I was begging him to open a MP branch in Manila prior to this photo. LOL.

Overall, I had a really lovely time with these people. Great food, great restaurant, great service, and great company! I’ll definitely come back here.

Thank you, OpenRice! See you guys soon!

CHEESESTEAKS, BURGER & DRINKS | Restaurants at the Ayala Triangle, Makati Avenue, Makati City | Facebook


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Notes from the DLSU Bloggers’ Congress 2

Weekends–in my vocabulary–are defined as days that are meant to do nothing but pointless whatnots. I sleep at 4 AM on a Friday and wake up 4 PM the next day. Not a good example, I know, but do know that I’m trying my best to curb this habit of mine.

Two Saturdays ago, I decided to jumpstart my new-improved “weekend life” by attending the DLSU Bloggers’ Congress 2 held at De La Salle University – Manila. Sure, I went alone but I seriously had a blast during the whole event! I hope the La Salle folks would organize something like this every month.

Warning: I apologize for the photos you are about to see. I was seated at the far back and this annoying microphone was blocking my view.


First speaker up was Rob Cham of Christian San Jose, who was initially invited, can’t make it at that time so he sent Cham to fill in. Rob Cham is a professional illustrator. I have never browsed Cham’s blog until now but he apparently gets 3,500+ hits a day so he must be a pretty well-known. He’s just a year fresh out of college and yet has done several notable projects already.

Next was food and travel blogger, Anton Diaz of This guy doesn’t need any fancy introduction. His blog is one of the most-visited sites in the country. And thanks to him and his equally grub-lover team, Mercato Centrale was born. Now, say it with me in true Plants vs Zombies fashion: Fooooooooood.

Camille Co of Camille Tries to Blog had a more streamlined presentation; Quick and straight-to-the-point. Aside from being a fashion blogger, she’s co-founder of the clothing brand, CoExist. She only started blogging early April of this year but she already seems like a pro. I sometimes head to her LookBook and Chictopia pages for fashion inspirations now.

Co raised several good pointers when blogging. In bullets. OC!

  • Be cohesive.
  • Keep it clean, simple, and interesting.
  • Share stories.
  • Always give proper credit.
  • On photos: Quality over quantity. Don’t scrunch in tons of photos in one blog entry.
  • On product reviews: Research and inform.
  • Invest time and effort. Never do anything half-baked.
  • Be honest and grateful.
Saab Magalona of Spell Saab was the last of the roster. How do I even start describing her ‘speech’? At one point, I stopped punching in notes on my trusty BlackBerry because I sensed that I was in for a laugh. And I was right. I loved how she gracefully fumbled and fidgeted her way through her talk that made us, the audience, at ease. It was very heartfelt, spontaneous, and frank.

Saab recounted how she went through a phase where she was sick of being compared to her older sister, Maxene. Aside from having her hair dyed purple, blogging was kind of her escape from the teen angst-y stage most of us go through. We both started blogging in 2003 and we both have issues on time management. MAJOR issues. It’s kind of surprising that we are very alike in some ways.

I’m not technically a fan of her celebrity status per se but I thoroughly enjoy reading her blog. It’s light, casual, and college-level cool. Sobrang chill lang.

There was a meet-and-greet after the event but I decided to skip it. I was too shy, I guess, because I went to the Congress alone. Besides, I’m sure that I’ll be seeing them again sometime soon because we live in the same country.

So there I was, munching on free tacos and drinks while the others mingle. I’ll take it as a good sign that no one was giving me odd looks. My petite frame can pass me as a high school or college student, you know.

It was my first time to step inside DLSU’s grounds so I wandered idly while waiting for my ride. I admired the school’s architecture, the manicured lawns and tress, and its people. Kids are probably bred well here.

At times like these, I always miss my Alma Mater. Hands up if you’re an Adamsonian!

Thanks to Kat Lorenzo for being so accommodating on answering my e-mails, as well as to Efril LagmanYsa Chong and her co-host (I forgot her name. Sorry.) for keeping the crowd alive at the Congress. Good job, you guys!


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I’m so going!

Blocked October 15th for this:

You still have five days to e-mail Kat Lorenzo ( and have your name included on the list. Come on, it’ll be fun!


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