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My favorite twins are back!

Hullo, Sweet Valley babies! I have great news for you: The Wakefield twins will grace the bookshelves next year after hundreds of decades. I have been a Sweet Valley series fan ever since I first picked up and read Jessica + Jessica = Trouble at the age of 9 so my reaction will be quite banal: Ecstatic.

I grew up reading about their lives as children..


Teenagers with raging hormones..

To college undergrads.

Thanks to my cousin’s vast collection of Sweet Valley series, I have followed Jessica and Elizabeth’s lives from being seven-year-olds to nineteens. I’m an Elizabeth at heart, by the way.

Sneak peek

Sweet Valley Confidential: Ten Years Later is, I think, a far cry from the usual teeny-bopper-ish temperature compared to the older editions. The twins are in their late twenties here, after all. It’s possible that the tone would be serious, more adult-like.

Many of you would mock or scoff due to its shallow nature of the stories but these books fueled my intense love for reading, writing, and anything related to English literature. It’s also my little guilty pleasure. So thank you, Francine Pascal. Your work might not be as deep as any Sidney Sheldon or Paulo Coelho in the world but you will remain as one of my favorite authors of all time.

Anyway, if you want to read the sneak preview of the book, drop me a line at the Comments section and I’ll send you the first chapter (in PDF format) via e-mail.

And then, we wait until March 2011. Timer starts now.



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Free planners from Mariel!

The recent election has made quite a stir. I have given up with the fact that a convicted crook has made its way to the second place of the presidential race. It is saddening that we Filipinos have the tendency to not learn from our mistakes. How rad.

Now on the bright side, fellow blogger Mariel of is giving out planners! Yay! And oh, don’t forget to check out‘s free makeover promos, too.

This is the second blog contest I have joined. If I win, I might give this to my sister since she especially loves planners and the color pink.


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