Afternoon breakfast at Milky & Sunny

“How would you like to retire at 40?” My friend, J, sent me via BBM a month ago. I said yes, of course. Prior to her invitation, I’ve never gave much thought about getting a life insurance. I want to, I swear. I just didn’t know where to start. But thanks to her, I had a clearer picture.

We arranged a meeting and realized that we were both busy on the following weekends. So we had to make do; I’ll get out of at work mid-day and then she’ll sneak out from her office (hehe). I also suggested that we go to this breakfast place I’ve been wanting to try called Milky & Sunny in Kapitolyo.

I rarely take half days off. Such a hassle, don’t you think? That’s why it’s either I just stay in, magnetized in my bed (or off someplace better) or I get my lazy butt on my office chair. Black or white. Yin or Yang. This day, however, made my decision to leave work early, worth it.

Good morning 27/7! 

It was a particularly lucky Friday, actually. Good news just kept pouring in! Happy, happy, happy! And the restaurant seemed to match our sunny moods.

Entering Milky & Sunny is like going inside a little girl’s room. It’s small, cute, and soothing. These lovely wall hangings are my favorite. Next to the food, of course. 😛

Together forever and ever

And to prep me for our hearty meal, I asked for a tall glass of cold milk which I downed within minutes.

Ta-da! Behold the star of my afternoon: the Breakfast Big Plate! Garlic rice, sausages, bacon, hash browns, corned beef, and scrambled eggs in one, gigantic plate. Sigh. I am drooling as I type this.

On the other hand, J got the tomatoes-mozzarella-pepperoni omelette. The parsley gave it a fine dining-ish touch.

She also got this Choco Hazelnut French Toast for dessert, which we shared. It was oozing with Nutella. NUTELLA! My god.

My date was exhausted as I am. Tired but definitely happy. It was indeed an afternoon well-spent.

Good friends and good food really make a great combo.

MILKY & SUNNY | 9 Briggy Hall, East Capitol Drive, Barangay Kapitolyo, 1603 Pasig, Philippines | Facebook | Twitter | Downloadable Menu


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