Something for your ears this holiday season

Not to be a grinch or anything but I take the whole Christmas shebang as, well.. not enthusiastically as most of us does. Perhaps I’ve come into terms that people like me who are in their mid-twenties *gasp* have ‘graduated’ from child-like fantasies and anything related to Santa Claus. But if you want to take a break from the annoying Christmas music blasting inside malls and mainstream radio stations, here’s something I know you’d like:

Incredible watercolor art! Check out Alessandra’s post here.

Artwork and playlist is brought to you by the lovely and talented Alessandra Lanot. The songs are not as classic as Jose Mari Chan’s and Ray Conniff’s but it’s enough to set you on a holiday mood without being too overwhelming.

Go and download the playlist here. Put it on your iPod. Play it on your laptop. Share it with friends. Let’s all combat loneliness and kill it with joyfulness and cheer! #corny 😛



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3 responses to “Something for your ears this holiday season

  1. Thanks, Ara! I like Carols of the bells..:)

  2. Me, too.. hehe.. Btw, I really like The Bird and the Bee na that I even dl their songs.:D

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