Going through the shelves of Bookay Ukay

After that wonderful lunch at Burger Project, the Nerd Herd trooped a few blocks away to check out Bookay-Ukay before heading home. I’ve been meaning to visit this thrift bookstore long ago but, well.. It’s in Quezon City. ‘Nuf said.

It’s a quaint little shop, far from what I pictured. The store was filled with second-hand books, trinkets, charms, and even shirts up for sale. They also sell brand-new books. Personally, I think selling new merchandise defeats the purpose of being an ukay shop. I don’t mind, though. Leave me inside a bookstore and I can get lost for hours. Books are that sacred to me.

Of course, I had a lovely time going from one shelf to another. If you’re planning to check out the place, don’t forget to bring a hand sanitizer. Most of the books are covered by dust and some, mold. Not cool.

Creatively funny artwork lines a portion of the store’s walls. Can also double as a cool backdrop in photos. 😛

Look! Sweet Valley! Ahh, nostalgia overload. Have to remind myself to get the newest book that was out last March. (I have the teaser chapter here.) I also saw a couple of Goosebumps, Nancy Drew, and Animorphs, but Enid Blyton was nowhere to be found. Where art thou, Ms. Blyton?

We were about to leave store  but I was determined to not go home empty-handed. I think the good ones are already either reserved or up for bids at their Multiply page, that’s why. So I ended up getting this local, new book titled The Literary Apprentice 2009. It’s a collection of essays, short stories, and poems by the members of the University of the Philippines Writers Club.

Scored it for 12o bucks. Good read, finished it two days. I’ll definitely come back and get a legit ukay find from Bookay-Ukay.

BOOKAY-UKAY |  55 Maginhawa St., Teacher’s Village, Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines |  Facebook | Multiply



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8 responses to “Going through the shelves of Bookay Ukay

  1. Pixie

    Nice find! I didn’t see anything I really wanted but I just think I didn’t dig around deep enough. Next time! 😀

  2. Really enjoyed this post. Makes me want to go even more 🙂

    • Yes, dear you should! It’s just a small shop ha. I might get your hopes up. LOL. But yeah, the store’s pretty cool. And like I said, go there at around 4 PM or when the sun’s not too hot. It can be really toasty in there.

  3. ara:-) punta ako dito ng weekend. Thanks for this post:-)

    • Hello (Sorry I didn’t get your name pa)! Just dropped by your blog, too. 🙂 Following you now, if you don’t mind. 😛

      Please do blog aout your Bookay-Ukay experience soon. I’d love to read about it. Bring a hand sanitizer! 🙂

  4. ara! Meanne to. My blog is eyespotted.blogspot.com. Lagi kong binabasa itong blog mo:-)

    • Ay, is this your blog na ba? Parang iba na yung layout nya. Tapos hinahanap ko yung name mo sa blog. Anyway, happy birthday! Hope you liked Thina’s gift to you. Accomplices kami eh. 🙂

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