The Nerd Herd at Burger Project

No offense to those who live in Quezon City but I seriously dread going to that place. The hideous traffic and inaccessibility to most sites make it ten times worse for non-car owners like me. Those and the scorching heat do not make a great combo, I tell you.

However, if the purpose of going to QC involves trying out good food, well.. I’ll have to make an exception–even if it’s as sinful as Burger Project.

Make your own burger here!

Ever since I’ve read about Patty’s post, I was up and raring to drag the boyfriend to this new burger joint. Maginhawa Street was alien to us so it was a good thing Pixie, who knew the the ins and outs of the place, tagged along and shared this little food trip with us.

Can I just say? I’m totally digging Pixie’s robot pendant she got from Forever 21. I kept gushing about it while waiting for our other friend, Kesi, to arrive.

A quick and bumpy tricycle ride from after, we finally reached our destination. We were greeted by the staff, who handed us a clipboard with a checklist to fill out. I like clipboards, by the way. They remind me of  fun college days.

What fun it is to fill this out! You can also name your burger, if you wish. I christened mine, “Bacon Love Burger” because I was too hungry to think of a creative name. 😛

The Bacon Love Burger Essentials

Patty – 1 pc. 100% beef | Bun – Poppyseed | Cheese – Bleu | Premium topping – Bacon | Basic toppings – Lettuce, tomatoes | Sauce – Special BRGR Sauce

Once done, we took our filled-out checklists to the counter..

..And got them burgers within minutes! I was so confident that I would scarf my burger in seconds because I was starving. Didn’t happen. These burgers are huge!

Carlo loved Pino’s iced tea just as much as I did. We got another round when we finished our first glass.

Oh, there are fries, too. Though I suspect they are really potato wedges, judging from the fat cuts. One tray of these is good for two already.

Kesi just successfully hurdled her first semester in law school. I believe she’s just relieved to get out of the house and soak in the exquisite sunshine that’s why she came with us (haha, blog pun!). Good job, Kesi dear! Your crazy little circle here at the office is proud of you.

Can’t wait to try out the rest of Maginhawa with you guys!

BRGR: THE BURGER PROJECT  | 122 Maginhawa St., Teacher’s Village, Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines | Facebook



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8 responses to “The Nerd Herd at Burger Project

  1. renka23

    In defense of Quezon City… Traffic is *way worse* in Manila. Also? Just try to stay away from Edsa during rush hour/weekdays. :))

    I don’t live in Maginhawa St. but I do hope you come back again (sounding like an ad now?), the food places there are great! 😀

    • Hi, Karen!

      Naku, let’s not even go to EDSA. My goodness, that place is such a congested hellhole! So chaotic. Haha! Anyway, yes! I’ll be coming back to Maginhawa sometime soon to check out the food hubs! I will brave the heat and traffic in the name of fooood!

      Our next itinerary would be Crazy Katsu, Pipino, Van Gogh is Bipolar, and Gayuma ni Maria. What would you suggest? 🙂

  2. Pixie

    It was a fun food trip! I’m intrigued by the tea places too, sama natin yun sa Next list natin, haha! 😀

  3. Maybe I will take them with me… right now, I’m still recovering from the fact that our official name is The Nerd Herd. hahaha!

  4. Haha, not our official name. It may change without prior notice. 🙂

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