A feeble attempt to be the next Internet sensation

My friend, Harold and I go way back. We’ve known each other since 6th grade but we didn’t had the time to catch up after grade school graduation. We crossed paths again after finishing college and kept in touch through Facebook and BBM along with our other childhood friends since then.

Now the thing that surprised me with this guy is that he actually sings well. He can easily belt out a Guy Sebastian or anything to that level—and the guy didn’t even take formal voice lessons! Unbelievable.

A few weeks back, we toyed at the thought of doing an acoustic cover. He’ll do vocals, naturally, and I’ll do guitar duties. It was a loose plan that went on for days until we decided to skip work one day and just do it.

So after deciding to film inside his bathroom (for a guy, he keeps a pretty spotless toilet), propping up his bedroom lamp for a touch of ehem.. nice lighting, throwing in a couple of bean bag chairs, a quick run-through, and a thousand takes, this is the end result:

Err.. Not at our finest, I must admit. And like what I have posted on Facebook, we’re not professionals so bawal mag-judge!

All that singing and strumming all day made us crave for some yummy lemon chicken. So before driving home, we stopped by at a North Park branch somewhere in Makati. Yes, we were too starved to figure out where exactly we were.

I must say that this was such a fun and gratifying experience. It felt good to do something out of the usual office-home routine. I highly suggest you guys give it a try–It’ll make you sane, I swear!

So if you’re corporate burnouts like Harold and I, push yourself to re-engage with the things you love doing. Don’t work too much—life isn’t supposed to be like that. It’s supposed to be spent with the people you love and the things that make you feel alive. Think about it.

Stay safe, kids!



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2 responses to “A feeble attempt to be the next Internet sensation

  1. yey! ako din gusto ng ganyang bonding. we have the same shower curtain pa ha. hehe.

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