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A feeble attempt to be the next Internet sensation

My friend, Harold and I go way back. We’ve known each other since 6th grade but we didn’t had the time to catch up after grade school graduation. We crossed paths again after finishing college and kept in touch through Facebook and BBM along with our other childhood friends since then.

Now the thing that surprised me with this guy is that he actually sings well. He can easily belt out a Guy Sebastian or anything to that level—and the guy didn’t even take formal voice lessons! Unbelievable.

A few weeks back, we toyed at the thought of doing an acoustic cover. He’ll do vocals, naturally, and I’ll do guitar duties. It was a loose plan that went on for days until we decided to skip work one day and just do it.

So after deciding to film inside his bathroom (for a guy, he keeps a pretty spotless toilet), propping up his bedroom lamp for a touch of ehem.. nice lighting, throwing in a couple of bean bag chairs, a quick run-through, and a thousand takes, this is the end result:

Err.. Not at our finest, I must admit. And like what I have posted on Facebook, we’re not professionals so bawal mag-judge!

All that singing and strumming all day made us crave for some yummy lemon chicken. So before driving home, we stopped by at a North Park branch somewhere in Makati. Yes, we were too starved to figure out where exactly we were.

I must say that this was such a fun and gratifying experience. It felt good to do something out of the usual office-home routine. I highly suggest you guys give it a try–It’ll make you sane, I swear!

So if you’re corporate burnouts like Harold and I, push yourself to re-engage with the things you love doing. Don’t work too much—life isn’t supposed to be like that. It’s supposed to be spent with the people you love and the things that make you feel alive. Think about it.

Stay safe, kids!



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I remember..

..How you used to send me your voice tapes from Italy, telling what you’re doing and how much you miss and love me.

..How you used to assure me that you’re coming home soon and that you cannot wait for that time to come.

..How I used to launch into a crying fit whenever we drop you off the airport.

..How you used to bring home numerous Barbie dolls for me. Those babies didn’t come cheap but I had a massive collection then, thanks to you.

..How you used to lastly pick my pasalubong from your luggage bag for a more dramatic effect.

..How you used to teach me basic Italian phrases.

..How you used to speak Italian ever so fluently, leaving me always in awe.

..How my cousins used hate me because I was your favorite apo.

..How I used to lay my head on your lap, doing nothing while you caress my face and touch my long lashes.

..How I used to watch you teach ballroom. I was very, very proud of you and thought, “Wow, my lola’s so badass!”

..How you inspired me to dance at such a tender age and continue to do so as I type this.

..The time you dressed me in a tutu and watched in pride and amusement as I twirled around the room like a ballerina wannabe.

..That proud look on your face whenever you see me dancing at school, front line.

..How we used to look at your old photos from the different countries you have set your feet on, each having an interesting story to tell.

..How we used to chuckle at your showgirl costumes.

..How I never get tired hearing about your adventures and the people you have met abroad.

..How your face lights up and breaks into a smile when I come visit you.

..How you used whip up the best authentic Italian dishes in the entire universe.

..How I was heartbroken when you gave your full attention to my baby sister when she came along.

..How I used to cry when I realized I wasn’t the favorite anymore.

..How you would defend me when other people put me down.

..How you waved and gazed lovingly at me during my college graduation march, crying tears of joy the entire time.

..How you used to shower me with hugs and kisses.

..How you used to travel from Quezon City to Manila just to queue up and “order” your favorite Jollibee meal from me.

..How you would still give me presents—never mind if I’m already in my twenties and capable of buying stuff on my own.

..How you remained generous and kind until the very end.

..How you braved cancer just to be with us a bit longer.

..How you prayed and prayed and prayed. Your sickness wasn’t a hindrance to remain faithful to the Lord.

..How you still thought of us despite your sickness.

..How you didn’t ask for anything in return.

..How you lived a fruitful and meaningful life in a span of 83 years. Mission accomplished!

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The news of my lola’s passing still came quite of shock. She has been battling lung cancer for the past half year yet I still haven’t fully come into terms with the fact that she’ll be leaving us sooner or later. I was severely in denial.

My father rung me while I was with my friends at SM Makati Foodcourt. Everything was in slow-mo when he uttered these words:

“Wala na si lola.”

I felt like someone just dunked my head into a bucket of icy water. I stood frozen for a second and then broke down in front of a couple of my friends and a Jollibee crew. It wasn’t the most convenient place to receive such grave news–amid the loud chattering of diners and bright lights.

I’m thankful that I was with my close peers at a time like that; Their attempts to squeeze out a smile from me cushioned the impact. It was such a relief to talk to people who truly cares.

I miss my lola so much. ‘Miss’ is an understatement, actually. She was such a dear person to me and was a huge, HUGE part of who I am today.

Friends, please whisper a prayer for my lola. It’ll keep her company on her journey to her Creator.

Lola, I know you’re reading this kasi may unlimited Internet naman dyan sa heaven. I know God has already welcomed you with open arms and a spanking new laptop as a welcoming gift. Ni-request ko din kay God to set my blog as your Internet browser’s  homepage.

Anyway, I’ve said this to you and I will say it again: I LOVE YOU. I’ll always be your granddaughter and nothing can take that away from me.


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