They gave up on me

These Sony earphones–bought for me by the boyfriend as a pasalubong all the way from scorching Dubai–decided to stop doing its job together one morning. I remember it so vividly; I was tuning out the horrors of Manila commute with  Fall Out Boy’s I Don’t Care when suddenly music wasn’t coming out from the right bud anymore. It was abrupt, unlike my previous pairs that went through a static-ky phase first before giving in.

Thank you. You have served me very well for the past six months.

It has been days of going through with just one functioning bud. DAYS. It’s like walking with one leg without crutches. I need music. I need my ever-reliable portable escape. Help, my life support system is falling apart!

This is sad moment. Someone console me with chocolates and Banapple pancakes.


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Filed under Music, Poignant

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