Nico’s 7th

I’m not big on family gatherings. It forces me to put up with people who constantly ask what I do for a living (“Ano yung web copywriter? Malaki ba sahod ‘nun?”) or when will I wed (O, kelan ka susunod kay [insert name of recently married relative]?). Either those or they make tactless comments about my small frame, petite height, or my choice of clothing for the day.

Words of advice: Stay within 20 feet away. Cork ears with blasting music from iPod. If both fail, simply smile and nod to whatever they’re saying. That, of course, requires mastery of the art of staying zen without popping a vein.

But enough of Surviving the Elders 101! I’m here to share photos from a simple, yet amazing 7th birthday party of my nephew held at Museo Pambata. It was a fun-filled event with lots of laughing, jumping, shrieking, and clapping kids who obviously had a grand time just as I did.

The beaming birthday boy. Happy 7th birthday, Nicolas!

My adorable addition to the long list of godchildren, Jaden. His stubborn lola fed him with orange juice, which drove the parents berserk.

In-love with a bubble

Party memorabilia

Sam, the singing younger sibling. So gwapo.

The youngest of the brood of six, Alexa. She’s the only girl and a bit suplada (maybe a bit shy?).

Best weekend affair so far!


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