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4 things that’ll be missed

I get distracted easily. Too easy for my liking, actually. I may appear poker-faced and passive on the surface but heck, the slightest clink of a spoon in a colleague’s coffee mug is enough to snap me out of my uh, creative focus. Thankfully, a move to another office building and a couple of months back helped me tone down my mild case of ADHD. I suddenly was raring to come to work and get my writing oiled in the hinges.

But the fun was short-lived. Just last week, my colleagues and I were subjected AGAIN to move our stuff onto the 5th floor. I grimaced as I inspected the unoccupied floor space; Right then and there, I knew my “problem” would worsen. It looked like a cramped classroom that was about to be filled with rowdy, rambunctious kids. I heaved a sigh and wished my copywriting skills good luck.

I long for my work desk at the 3rd floor as I type this. Allow me to list down in pictures why I’m feeling such longing:

1. Window seat. Gazing at a portion of Makati outside always calms my hyperactive thoughts.

2. Yellow lighting. Everything’s in faint sepia when the lights are on.

3. Spacious leg room. Perfect for the wa-poise, upong-bahay positions.

4. Roomy desk. I have a LOT of office paraphernalia yet they all sit nicely and uncluttered.

Not a lot of people understand the woes of a writer. You have to live and breathe writing to comprehend why wordsmiths tend to look for a comfortable spot so they can string coherent sentences—especially for those like me who have deadlines to beat on a five-day work week. We’re maarte like that.

If you’re a writer reading this, I am toasting my steaming mug of Swiss Miss to us. We’ll have our day someday.


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The Kara O. Attendance Award

Many have mocked, yet a handful still believed. It is with great honor that I put this paper-thin medal against my orange-and-blue cubicle interior to inspire co-workers to follow my lead. It was a proud Friday.

Tuesday time check: 10:25 A.M.

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Kinse: 15 films for your unused human rights

There’s something incredibly liberating about independent films. As a viewer alone, I feel extra informed of what’s really happening beyond the typical and the not-so-typical lives of the Filipinos (Hi, Christopher Lao!). It’s like being bitch-slapped in the face and liking it. You’ll like it so much, you’ll want to get bitch-slapped over and over.

Bitch-slapping aside and wondering when I’ll finally see this year’s Cinemalaya entries, Kinse, an ANC anniversary special was shown after an episode of Gandang Gabi, Vice last night. I was about hit the sack but I found the elegant Angel Aquino’s stripping off clothes a bit curious so I stayed up a little longer. Each article of clothing removed revealed a badly inflicted bruise, tapping on the idea that she may be a battered wife. True enough, Kinse features a collection of human rights-themed short films directed by 15 of the country’s finest filmmakers.

Erik Matti Nang Tumambad ang Hubad na Katotohan Right to live freely
Ato Bautista Pilay Freedom from violence
Richard Somes 1942 Children’s rights
Ray Gibraltar Manilyn’s Dress and the Peking Duck Indigenous rights
Auraeus Solito Indigenous Pelikula Indigenous rights
Mark Meily Kaninong Boses Freedom of speech
Paolo Villaluna Intolerance Gay rights
Raymond Red Bangin Labor rights
Jon Red Absent Children’s rights
Raymund Amonoy Liham Para Kay Marlo Women’s rights
Kiri Dalena Memorial for Filipino Journalists Press freedom
Kidlat de Guia ANC 19 Indigenous rights
Nico Puertollano Labinlima Women’s rights
Carlos Siguon Reyna Choices Women’s rights

Jim Libiran

Batch 2011

Right to information

My top picks from the bunch are Nang Tumambad ang Hubad na Katotohan, Pilay, and Absent. I can’t find video snippets of the films but here’s Nang Tumambad starring Anne Curtis as the pornstar wannabe and Gina Alajar and Rez Cortez as the disapproving parents:

Just a tiny glitch, though: Curtis’s Tagalog enunciation was a bit off. A few conyo accents were flicked all over the place, giving away her poor, kanto-girl character. But hey, I love Anne Curtis as it is so I’ll let that one slip. 😛

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Now Playing: It’s Like That – Run-D.M.C.

Don’t you miss the old MTV? That period when they play music videos all day, every day until you have memorized the order of videos they’re going to play, and the exact time when they’re going to play it? Yeah, MTV used to be badass.

There wasn’t YouTube in the 1990s and early 2000 (at least that’s what I think) then. So if I wanted to watch a current music video favorite, I’d wait for MTV to air it. Literally. I’d stay up late just to catch MTV Most Wanted, MTV Diyes, or MTV Asia Hitlist etc–It was agonizing! Youngsters are lucky nowadays. Very lucky, indeed.

Nostalgia-ing aside, I’m sharing you a video from Run-D.M.C.‘s It’s Like That. It’s the mother lode of all hip hop videos and movies. This spawned my interest in the culture of hip hop culture so it holds a special place in my heart (naks!).

And did you spot Vanness Wu? I know, new-found respect to the man. Totally.


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They gave up on me

These Sony earphones–bought for me by the boyfriend as a pasalubong all the way from scorching Dubai–decided to stop doing its job together one morning. I remember it so vividly; I was tuning out the horrors of Manila commute with  Fall Out Boy’s I Don’t Care when suddenly music wasn’t coming out from the right bud anymore. It was abrupt, unlike my previous pairs that went through a static-ky phase first before giving in.

Thank you. You have served me very well for the past six months.

It has been days of going through with just one functioning bud. DAYS. It’s like walking with one leg without crutches. I need music. I need my ever-reliable portable escape. Help, my life support system is falling apart!

This is sad moment. Someone console me with chocolates and Banapple pancakes.

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Nico’s 7th

I’m not big on family gatherings. It forces me to put up with people who constantly ask what I do for a living (“Ano yung web copywriter? Malaki ba sahod ‘nun?”) or when will I wed (O, kelan ka susunod kay [insert name of recently married relative]?). Either those or they make tactless comments about my small frame, petite height, or my choice of clothing for the day.

Words of advice: Stay within 20 feet away. Cork ears with blasting music from iPod. If both fail, simply smile and nod to whatever they’re saying. That, of course, requires mastery of the art of staying zen without popping a vein.

But enough of Surviving the Elders 101! I’m here to share photos from a simple, yet amazing 7th birthday party of my nephew held at Museo Pambata. It was a fun-filled event with lots of laughing, jumping, shrieking, and clapping kids who obviously had a grand time just as I did.

The beaming birthday boy. Happy 7th birthday, Nicolas!

My adorable addition to the long list of godchildren, Jaden. His stubborn lola fed him with orange juice, which drove the parents berserk.

In-love with a bubble

Party memorabilia

Sam, the singing younger sibling. So gwapo.

The youngest of the brood of six, Alexa. She’s the only girl and a bit suplada (maybe a bit shy?).

Best weekend affair so far!

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