15th of July: What really happened

I finished reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows since its release last 2007. I didn’t have the money for the hardbound copy then but thanks to a close friend who lent his, I got to finish the book in three days. Thanks, bud! I owe you half of my wizarding life.

Four years later, the movie came out. The following timeline is a blow-by-blow account of what happened on the 15th of July 2011.

5:33 AM – Rolled out of bed, checked my phone for Twitter updates, thought that this is gonna be a good day, smiled, and went back to bed.

7:30 AM – Really rolled out of bed. My cellphone alarm was so insistent, I wanted to hurl the gadget to the wall. Of course, I took the thought back–my BlackBerry’s my new best friend.

7:35 AM – Dashed to the bathroom to fix up. Prayed that I won’t be late for work.

10:15 AM – Came to work late. Thanked the heavens again that the Company I work for doesn’t make a big deal out of crappy attendance (yet).

Alan Rickman doing what he does best

10: 20 AM – Opened my office e-mail and read that the workload would be light. Swore I heard angels singing.

10:25 AM – 7:45 PM – (Not in exact order) Started and finished work. Narrowly avoided Tumblr in between because of possible spoilers. Re-read Deathly Hallows eBook. Watched YouTube interview videos.

7:45 PM – Squirmed on seat. Fidgeted my 10-year old Harry Potter pin button. It was an hour to go before sceentime.

8:01 PM – Met boyfriend at the mall. Grabbed a quick bite to eat with friend. You know, I believe that a grumbling stomach is ten times worse than a persistent bladder. I wouldn’t dare stand up and get a hot-dog sandwich to gratify my hunger during the Hogwarts Battle scene. Heck, the thought itself is just shameful. Just.. I don’t know.. Words cannot describe the atrocity of the thought.

8:30 PM – Settled on seats 15, 16, and 17 with our 3D glasses on hand. Man, these glasses were indeed a fancy upgrade from the red-and-blue 3D paper glasses I once wore in Spy Kids the Movie, circa 2001.

Rupert Grint’s impeccable acting shone

8:45 – 11:15 – Was in Harry Potter heaven. I just savored every moment, scene, dialogue–everything! Just.. Wow.

Deathly Hallows was my least favorite book but I’m glad the film did some justice to it. It obviously lacked a lot of scenes from the book but then, it’s only an adaptation. Come on.. You don’t expect a movie to be an exact replica of the stuff you imagined in the books. It is just not possible. If you think it is, I reckon you need some waking up to do.

Please run to the nearest cinema and watch it. If you already did, go see it again. That’s what I did. 🙂

Harry Potter and the Deathly Halllows Part 2 opens in theatres starting July 15, 2011.


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