Sweet nibbles in the afternoon

Meet my friend-slash-colleague, Kesi. I like her because she’s nice and silly. She likes me because I’m funny and silly. We get along really well, especially when it comes to chocolate (we have very strong views on that subject!), candy,desserts, pancakes, Post-Its, Disney, and funny stuff on Tumblr. Sometimes, she hands me a bar of Snickers or Mars. On other days, a lollipop or a bag of Skittles.

Today, she reached out on my desk and extended a mixed bowl of M&M’s and Gummy Bears. It’s so sweet–literally!

I love this girl! We’re like kids who refuse to grow up. I could go on and on what we do on a daily work day but for now, I’ll just content you by sending happy and sugary vibes this chilly Friday afternoon. Brr..



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2 responses to “Sweet nibbles in the afternoon

  1. aw now I’m jealous. XD
    I refuse to grow up too you know. And, I have this huge thing about chocolates.. arrr mishu

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