My readers, my loves!

When I created this blog, I thought no one would notice my previous site’s shutdown. I mean, I’m mildly surprised how some people actually took a fraction of their time reading my political angst-related post and other nonsensical narrations. Ugh. No wonder  that blog didn’t live–it’s mostly melodramatic trash!

While I was tweaking Our Daily Pancake prior to its ‘launching’ a month ago, a couple of friends and acquaintances started asking my previous blog’s whereabouts.  Wow. Out of the bajillion humans that go online, there are a handful of individuals that actually care of what I think.

Aww, you guys.. Thank you!

And because I was touched, I’ve took screen shots of your Facebook posts and Twitter mentions. I just want to immortalize it before it gets buried in my timeline. Babaw! 😛

I blocked their names and my name for privacy reasons, by the way. Anyway, the screen shot above is by my high school friend, AC’s. My co-dance enthusiast and Sweet Valley series lover.

And then there’s Shirly, a kind and sweet girl whom I’ve met during my days at the fast food store (more on that someday). Incredibly smart and hardworking, this one. And a car accident survivor to boot!

My neighbor, Mina, who’s actually a friend of my sister’s. Normally, I wouldn’t like people in my neighborhood reading stuff from or about me but she’s an exception. She’s a newbie blogger, too, so if you could, please make her feel welcome here.

And how can I forget the consistently pretty and youthful, Ate Irene? I bet her male patients (she’s a nurse) fall in love at the sight of her. She looks waaaay younger than her actual age. She also blogs at Anything Under the Sun.

Again, my heartfelt gratitude who morally supports my writing, both offline and online. It’s definitely better than a thousand blog hits a day!


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One response to “My readers, my loves!

  1. irene estabillo

    hi ara! funny ka talaga 🙂 keep on writing and blogging. miss you so much! i have chicken pox, which started only yesterday 😦 huhuhuhu! take care! mwah!

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