Why I stopped caring about my blog stats

Aside from having major privacy issues, I set my two previous blogs on private because I felt that those sites weren’t me anymore. It’s just a toss up between an angst-ridden journal and a platform where I could do ten-dollar posts. In other words, it was a screaming sellout. I had to virtually shove my blog to people’s faces because the more visitors I make, the more paid posts I get.

And then it hit me: I realized that when I care about numbers, I lose who I am as a writer. And I don’t like that very much at all!

You see, I’ve been blogging since 2003. Back then it was filled with lots and lots of kababawan posts. But I was happy. I was a happy teen blogger, to be exact. I never had to impress people with what I have to say. I blogged ’til my time at the Internet cafe was up (wala pa kasi kaming Internet sa bahay noon!).

Of course, now that I’m a full-grown woman (naks!), it’s just proper that I polish my words a bit but still maintain that same level of silliness, care-freeness, and joviality that I had with my earliest blogs before. No more of those boo-hoo-hoo-my crush-didn’t-notice-me-today kind of entries. But in fairness ha, my old posts always brings a smile–mostly guffaws–every time I read them!

So if you want to know me more, read this blog. It’s that simple. I’d love to see your thoughts in the comments section below. 🙂


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