Show and tell: The chick behind Solara Swimwear’s website

I have news, you guys!  C–my gorgeous and talented friend–and I have a baby. It took us more or less two months to make this ‘baby’ come to life. And I must admit, it was hard work. BUT, we had so much fun in the process, that all the the sleepless nights (I dedicated an entire weekend to write the stuff you’ll be reading in there!) and consumed time was definitely worth it! So, without further ado, I present you:!

Almost everything you’ll read in the website is courtesy by yours truly (ahem!). Yep, I’m the chick behind the words and catchphrases. I’m so proud of this project; It’s is my biggest one to date and I’m overwhelmed that these girls picked me to be part of something special in their lives. By the way, Solara Swimwear has a Facebook page. It would mean a lot if you guys click on the ‘Like‘ button. Whoa, you’re done ‘liking’ it already? That fast? Wow, thanks! 😛

Sandra in a Pearl Monokini

Working with the equally sweet and stunning Sandra Seifert and Maggie Wilson-Consunji was a pleasure. At first, I honestly thought, “Oh, crap we’re gonna deal with prima donnas!” But beneath their svelte bodies and flawless skin lies kind and down-to-earth individuals. Really! I love them girls to bits!

Maggie in a Ruby Red Bow Bikini (my personal favorite!)

Eto ha, this is not a biased opinion but when I say that Solara Swimwear makes a sturdy pair of bikini, they REALLY DO make a sturdy pair of bikini. Hence, you can practically wear it over and over again in, say, about 20 years tops?  It’s a good swim garb investment for those who love frolicking in the the water. I’m no swimsuit guru but I know a good one when I see and feel it. I just know it!

Go get your own pair here or here. How much do these bikinis cost? Sikret! Haha, kidding. It’s all in the website so make sure you take a look. Please? Pretty please with cherries on top? Sige na, pagbigyan nyo na ako, ‘no! 😀



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2 responses to “Show and tell: The chick behind Solara Swimwear’s website

  1. Angel

    do you know if they have a store outlet in cebu? seems like the website is still not working yet kasi. 😦

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