Mary Grace now on Greenbelt 3

One of the things I love about my workplace is that I’m just a stone’s throw away from Greenbelt. My colleagues and I–if there’s still money left on our wallets–sometimes troop to the mall to grab a bite to eat or simply kill time.

Today’s afternoon itinerary was at the newly opened Mary Grace just along the Greenbelt 3 strip. Two of my closest officemates got apple pies and brownies. I, on the other hand, just wandered around this corner:

The sign reads, “Women’s CAN DO corner.” It’s pretty neat that an arts and crafts corner has been set up to keep diners amused while waiting for their pastries. This wooden stall sells hand-made trinkets, books, and perfumes.

Hold up–perfumes?

What made me curious about these bottled scents is that they are named in Filipino words! This, in particular, is named, ‘Ulan‘. It’s the only scent I found interesting. Others are (the ones I remember) Ngiti, Lambing, Tiwala, Dalisay, and Sulyap. Each bottle is closed in a crocheted cap and sealed in a zip-lock bag, similar to a medium-size tetra pak. Know more about them at

These lovely hand-written notes from customers are plastered on every table.  On my next visit, I’m gonna add mine. I’ll scribble something like, “Ara was here and wolfed down a whole cheesecake in one minute! Beat that, punk!” No? Oh, alright.

MARY GRACE CAFE | G/F Greenbelt 3, Ayala Center, Makati City, Metro Manila, Philippines | Website | Facebook |


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