Chronic cuteness

Kids literally grow up fast these days. I sometimes wonder where the heck do they get their growth spurts. Is it the milk? The incessant bawling at night? Or the endless flow of energy in their veins?

Take my nephew, for example. He used  to be this charming little angel (he still is, by the way!) who just laughs and smiles and keeps still when told to. He’s now a year and 9 months old as I type this. This photo was taken a month ago:

A month after, this cutie critter  is now a bit cranky and will not stay put even for a second!  He climbs chairs and tables, puts his pudgy fingers in a spinning fan, and fakes tears just to get what he wants. Bad, bad boy!

Sometimes, I get mad when he launches into one of his crying fits. This photo was taken last night, by the way. He kept still when I showed him a video from my phone. Anyhoo, this hyperactive darling gets his way by doing the puppy-dog eyes. Who could resist that? I sure could not! Nakakagigil! I’m just hoping that my nephew won’t grow up to be such an arrogant and stubborn kid. Because if he does, lagot ka kay Tita Claire!


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