Mine has wow factor

Got this earlier today via e-mail:

Of course, I didn’t believe it. This blog is barely updated so it’s probably one of those generic e-mails the folks of WordPress send every end of the year. But still, I thank the people behind this blog publishing application. My move from Blogger is so much worth it.


Do you have this feeling that 2011 is going to be a great year for you? My Twitter and Facebook news feeds have been overflowing with positive statuses, declaring that they’ll own 2011. Well, I wanna rule this year, too (and the succeeding years, of course)!

I went to Quiapo Church yesterday to hear the holiday mass. Albeit the annoying 3-year-old-ish squirmy kid next to me, I think I had a long and heartfelt talk with God. It’s amazing how prayers work, I’m telling you. I just poured out my happiness, anger, and frustrations to Him until I can pour no more. I haven’t been exactly so “Christian” the past year but one wrap-up prayer zaps me back on track.

Now that’s one hell (or heavenly!) of a wow factor for me.


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