Book shrinker

When a college friend posted a link on Facebook about him wanting a Kindle Wifi + 3G for Christmas, I had this striking realization that I’ve always wanted one for myself, too. But because I haven’t really pondered on the thought of owning one because of monetary constraints, an eBook reader wasn’t actually a priority.

Being a bookworm all my life, a Kindle is a piece of heaven plucked from the sky. Don’t get me wrong; nothing –I repeat—nothing will ever beat the smell of freshly pressed paper and ink, the hold and feel of an actual book as you leaf through the pages. Nothing.

However books, especially new releases, do not come cheap. With eBooks, I can score them reeeeally cheap and store thousands of them in an email for backup for, I dunno, forever. I don’t have to worry about losing another paperback with someone who forgets the rule of borrowing.

I’ve been good all year. Well, at least I think I did. I believe I deserve a Kindle Wifi + 3G after what happened to me at the start of November (that’s a post for another day). My last expensive splurges this 2010 were a second-hand camera zoom lens and 4th generation iPod Nano which made serious damage on my savings account. No regrets, though; these babies serve me very well everyday when I need them.

Why a Kindle and not one of those ulta-cool iPads, you may ask? Allow me to explain in a bibliophile’s point of view:

  • It is simple, fuss-free, and a dedicated eBook reader. I have a bad case of ADHD so apps would just veer me away from finishing an eBook.
  • It’s lightweight and inconspicuous. Or in true Tagalog fashion, Hindi mainit sa mata ng magnanakaw.
  • It’s not another touch screen gadget. I’m allergic to touch screens; I need something that is durable and klutz-proof.
  • It’s Wi-Fi enabled. The screen is in black and white, though I think I can live with that. The Kindle features 50% more contrast to closely mimic actual paper. Unlike LCD screens, the Kindle has anti-glare and can still be read under bright sunlight without you squinting for the words.
  • It has awesome battery life. Lasts up to a month without charging. Wow, life will be so much easier.

Fellow bookworms, do you think it’s worth it?



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