Footwear that stands the test of time

It’s a little early to make any conclusions but, yeah, I think my two-month-old Suelas has made such an impression to me that I can’t stop raving about it. Usually, my feet takes a certain period of time to break in newly-bought shoes but not this. I was in shoe heaven the moment I slipped my footsies into my first pair of Suelas!

It was Patty Laurel’s blog that made me curious about this shoe wonder. She wrote, “Once you try these babies on, I promise you.. Ayaw mo na mag-paa (you’ll never want to go barefoot again)!” She was right, alright.

What made me smitten with Suelas is its flexibility to be folded, rolled, flattened, and put away in a bag or purse without occupying too much space. Plus it’s  so lightweight, it’s like walking in a cushion.

Jackie Tan, one of the owners of Suelas, was a charmer. I sent her a text the night before I ordered a pair and got hold of the shoes the next day. It was at her condo in Makati where I picked up the goods. I had her going down the building twice since the first pair didn’t fit me. Thank goodness she was a real sport about it.

My Suelas were in for a rough test drive and I’m proud to report that amid the rainwater, mud, and lots of walking at the beautiful island of Corregidor, my red Llanuras toughed it all out. Not bad for a pair of fairly-priced flats, eh?


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