I'm about to find out who Salt is

My Thank You blog has won me free tickets for tomorrow’s Salt special advanced screening. As promised, I will be taking two of my closest friends with me to see Angelina Jolie and her famous pouted lips.

I am ecstatic! This is the second time I have won anything through blogging (Will post the first blog winning soon. Sorry!). Not only that, I get to take people with me. Sweet!

If you’re wondering how I scored them tickets, Nuffnang Philippines recently held a promo which required members to post something about a particular ice cream brand and post the blog URL in the Comments section of the site. First 70 valid comments get three tickets each. I’m commenter #27.

Since my Thank You blog is a registered member of Nuffnang and I was raring to take two close people with me for a free movie date, I promptly posted the mandatory blog entry with high hopes. It was also my official thank you post for the day.

One day later, an e-mail confirmation was sent to me:

Nuffnang, you gave us something to look forward to tomorrow night. Thanks!


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