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My favorite twins are back!

Hullo, Sweet Valley babies! I have great news for you: The Wakefield twins will grace the bookshelves next year after hundreds of decades. I have been a Sweet Valley series fan ever since I first picked up and read Jessica + Jessica = Trouble at the age of 9 so my reaction will be quite banal: Ecstatic.

I grew up reading about their lives as children..


Teenagers with raging hormones..

To college undergrads.

Thanks to my cousin’s vast collection of Sweet Valley series, I have followed Jessica and Elizabeth’s lives from being seven-year-olds to nineteens. I’m an Elizabeth at heart, by the way.

Sneak peek

Sweet Valley Confidential: Ten Years Later is, I think, a far cry from the usual teeny-bopper-ish temperature compared to the older editions. The twins are in their late twenties here, after all. It’s possible that the tone would be serious, more adult-like.

Many of you would mock or scoff due to its shallow nature of the stories but these books fueled my intense love for reading, writing, and anything related to English literature. It’s also my little guilty pleasure. So thank you, Francine Pascal. Your work might not be as deep as any Sidney Sheldon or Paulo Coelho in the world but you will remain as one of my favorite authors of all time.

Anyway, if you want to read the sneak preview of the book, drop me a line at the Comments section and I’ll send you the first chapter (in PDF format) via e-mail.

And then, we wait until March 2011. Timer starts now.



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I'm about to find out who Salt is

My Thank You blog has won me free tickets for tomorrow’s Salt special advanced screening. As promised, I will be taking two of my closest friends with me to see Angelina Jolie and her famous pouted lips.

I am ecstatic! This is the second time I have won anything through blogging (Will post the first blog winning soon. Sorry!). Not only that, I get to take people with me. Sweet!

If you’re wondering how I scored them tickets, Nuffnang Philippines recently held a promo which required members to post something about a particular ice cream brand and post the blog URL in the Comments section of the site. First 70 valid comments get three tickets each. I’m commenter #27.

Since my Thank You blog is a registered member of Nuffnang and I was raring to take two close people with me for a free movie date, I promptly posted the mandatory blog entry with high hopes. It was also my official thank you post for the day.

One day later, an e-mail confirmation was sent to me:

Nuffnang, you gave us something to look forward to tomorrow night. Thanks!

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What are you thankful for?

During one of those lazy afternoons that I was dreaming of creating something insanely awesome, I got pregnant and gave birth to this:

Join us!

Well, it’s not exactly my idea. I first got the inspiration here where I was invited to be a co-author.

Anyway, Thank you, Lord! is a blog that consumes pure gratitude and nothing but. My Thank You Team at the right sidebar helps me promote saying thank you someone, anything, or something every day.  I swear, it’s like therapy to the mind and soul. I encourage my team members a.k.a. friends to post anything they are thankful for the day. It’s a sure-fire way to soothe and heal a spiritually-drained body.

And now I encourage YOU to join my team.

It’s simple; you just blog about anything you are thankful for. It doesn’t matter if it’s as simple as getting a free ride in a jeepney or finding a fifty-peso bill in your back pocket you never knew was there. The challenge here is to find at least one thing you want to give thanks to.

Interested to join my team? Drop me a line at with your name and blog URL (optional). You can also send in your ‘thank you’ posts directly to me if you want to remain anonymous. We’re on Facebook, too, by the way.

So I’ll see you then?


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