Free planners from Mariel!

The recent election has made quite a stir. I have given up with the fact that a convicted crook has made its way to the second place of the presidential race. It is saddening that we Filipinos have the tendency to not learn from our mistakes. How rad.

Now on the bright side, fellow blogger Mariel of is giving out planners! Yay! And oh, don’t forget to check out‘s free makeover promos, too.

This is the second blog contest I have joined. If I win, I might give this to my sister since she especially loves planners and the color pink.



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2 responses to “Free planners from Mariel!

  1. Hi, RanRan! Thanks for joining my contest! Just a clarification though, I’m doing this giveaway independently and not in partnership with, but they are Cosmo planners though 🙂 Anyway, please email me your mailing info at mariel.chua[at]gmail[dot]com. Thanks!

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